#BookBlitz – Eyes of the Tiger by Patricia Rosemoor @prosemoor @xpresstours

#BookBlitz – Eyes of the Tiger by Patricia Rosemoor @prosemoor @xpresstours

19th April 2018 0 By zooloobookblog

#BookBlitz - Eyes of the Tiger by Patricia Rosemoor @prosemoor @xpresstours

Glad you stopped by today as I bring to you a book excerpt from the book Eyes of the Tiger by Patricia Rosemoor. It will be published on 19th April, so make sure you get your order in!

First, let us just admire the front cover! I mean it has a tiger on! Love it!!Eyes of the Tiger by Patricia Rosemoor

Publication date: April 19th 2018

Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance


Jewelry designer Gemma Hewitt has a gift.
Gems and jewelry speak to her, which inspires her designs, and also sends her on dark adventures across the globe as she seeks out historic pieces. After her mother is
brutally murdered, Gemma inherits her famed jeweled collar, which she hopes will lead her to see the face of her mother’s killer and bring him to justice. Instead, she’s thrown back to 1901 India where she sees the young woman about to be married with a pendant that matches her jeweled collar. When she’s hired to find the entire bridal suite,she hopes she can use the jewels to save her family’s fortune. Can she trust the handsome, enigmatic man who promises to help her on her quest, or is he the one she should be running from?

British reporter/photographer Raj Sinclair wants the bridal suite for his own reasons. Attracted to Gemma, he senses a connection with her as if he’s known her for a very long time. When danger stalks her, he will do anything to protect her.

The treasure hunt takes them to cities from the US to Britain to France, ending in India where the bridal suite is finally rejoined… and three reincarnated souls get another chance to make things right.

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Raj stopped to take one long, lingering look at Gemma before heading off. In a few short hours, he would have her alone, with no interruptions. Maybe then he would ask her what she hadn’t told Detective Horvath. Would she explain? Had she meant something about the power the jewels seemed to possess? He’d felt it for himself, first handling the mangalsutra passed on to him through his father, then again today, from the collar she’d inherited. Having already done some research on his own long before leaving London, he knew the mysterious Shardul Nair had created the jeweled pieces as part of a bridal collection. Knew that people believed Nair’s designs to be rife with some vague powers.

Entering the Lynch, a former mansion with incredible history in its last incarnation, Raj was still thinking about the surreal as he headed for his temporary quarters. He didn’t know what he believed. Mystics and magic? As a reporter, he viewed life with little fancy, even if he was able to write the stories that drew him. But he couldn’t deny he’d felt as if the jewels had responded to him.

Almost as if they recognized him…

He snorted. Talk about fanciful!

And yet…

Was it Harry’s story alone or the mangalsutra that had the same effect on him, making him live another man’s life in another world in another time?

How did the jewels affect Gemma? Did she experience Nair’s sorcery when she wore them? What would it take to get her to tell him? What was it she thought she could tell the police about the jewels that they wouldn’t believe?

Maybe then, maybe if she was totally honest with him, he could reciprocate.

If he told her now, without her being receptive, it could ruin everything.

In his suite, Raj removed the diary from his safe. He slid into the club chair in the window bay overlooking the park and let the journal fall open to where he’d tucked the mangalsutra. Touching the jewels, he wondered what kind of power connected Nair’s creations.

And what if he succeeded in reuniting the entire collection, as he’d hoped to do? What then? History couldn’t magically correct itself.

Or could it?

Beginning to read, Raj looked to Harry, as if a man dead for more than a century could offer answers.

I didn’t think I would see her today, but Mayura arrived to visit her sick, young sister Kanti even as I finished my examination. I assured her the girl would be fine with bed rest and fluids. A slight fever, but not cholera, thank the Lord.

This was one of Raj’s favorite parts of the story. In his mind, he could see and feel Harry falling in love with a woman of beauty, grace, and strength, and with a warm and tender heart.

He continued reading.

Mayura’s answering smile lit my world, and I wanted nothing more than to see that smile daily.
The smile of another man’s intended…


1901, Jopar, India

As if she can read my mind, Mayura stays and entertains her little sister Kanti—and me, of course—with a tale of young lovers.

“The girl is Hema, the daughter of a spice merchant. She is very beautiful. Not only her face, but her soul. Aadarsh sees this in her when he enters the shop to buy spices for his mother. Of course he knows they can never be together—”

“Why not?” Kanti was quick to ask.

“Aadarsh was an educator. The son of a professor.”


I frown. “I don’t understand.”

“Aadarsh was a Brahman, Hema a Vaishya,” Mayura explains. “It is quite difficult for young lovers to get their parents’ approval to marry outside their castes. Personal freedom is not given importance over family.”
Her voice catches a bit, making me wonder if she’s thinking of herself. She and her intended prince might be of the same caste, but that doesn’t mean Mayura wants to marry him.

“So what happened?” Kanti demands.

“Aadarsh met Hema as he could in the spice shop until her mother grew  suspicious. Then he began waiting outside the shop to see Hema. His heart grew full when he realized she wanted him equally.”

“So then they did end up together?” I ask.
Mayura’s eyes fill with unshed tears. “Not in that lifetime, no. They longed for each other until the end of their days, but staying true to her family, Hema married someone of her own caste. She lived a full life, loving her children, respecting her husband. Aadarsh never married. He pined for Hema until the day he left that life.”

“That is a terrible story!” Kanti says, voice faint as she fights to keep her eyes open.

“But it is not the end, little one,” Mayura returns softly. “True love will always bring two people meant for each other together in another lifetime.”

I am mesmerized by her certainty that the couple would have another chance at love. I realize Kanti has fallen asleep, so I place my finger at my lips and silently get to my feet. Nodding, Mayura smiles, and I feel as if the sun has washed over me. We quietly leave the darkened bedchamber to the servant attending Kanti and go outside to the sheltered terrace overlooking the city beyond.

Mayura seems in no hurry to part company with me. Nor I her.

As hard as I try, I can’t forget that kiss.

“So you believe in having more than one life?” I ask.

“Of course. One creates one’s own karma and the possibility of being reincarnated. That karma—the good or the bad—determines one’s future fate.”


The story…

“What do you believe in, Harry?”

“That you must find a way to have what you most want in this life or lose it forever.”

The thing is, my situation isn’t so different from the young lovers in her story. I want Mayura more than anything, but her father would never approve. And if I could somehow steal her away and bring her back to England, my family would never accept her.

I know that if I can’t have her, I will choose to be alone just as Aadarsh did…


If only we could look forward to a kinder, gentler lifetime ahead of us…

Finishing the entry, Raj closed the journal. If only reuniting two people who loved each other was possible. Love so deep deserved a real chance. He’d long ago realized he was a little in love with the woman brought to life in these pages himself. Maybe the reason he’d never fallen in love in real life. No woman he’d met had ever made him feel the way Mayura had made Harry feel.

But what about Gemma?

He couldn’t deny the instantaneous attraction that went beyond the physical. He couldn’t explain it, but there was something about her… unexpected but welcome. She proved to be as disconcerting as the jewels themselves.



Author Bio:

New York Times and USA Today bestselling Author Patricia Rosemoor has written 100 novels for 8 publishers, has more than seven million books in print, and is fascinated with watching, reading and writing about “dangerous love.” Patricia won a Golden Heart from Romance Writers of America and two Reviewers Choice and two Career Achievement Awards from RT BOOKreviews, and in her other life, she taught Popular Fiction and Suspense-Thriller Writing, credit courses at Columbia College Chicago.

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