#BookReview – Boy in the Mirror by Robert Duperre @robertduperre  @RABTBookTours

#BookReview – Boy in the Mirror by Robert Duperre @robertduperre @RABTBookTours

26th June 2018 2 By zooloobookblog
#BookReview – Boy in the Mirror by Robert Duperre @robertduperre  @RABTBookToursBoy in the Mirror Series: The Infinity Trials #1
Published by CreateSpace on 25th December 2016
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult, Paranormal
Pages: 360
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Fifteen-year-old Jacqueline Talbot’s boyfriend Mal lives in the mirror of her makeup case. There’s never been anything normal about Jacqueline; not during her time in foster care, and certainly not in her new hometown of Mercy Hills.
With rumors of actual monsters in the woods, the popular kids taking an unhealthy interest in her, and the revealing of her own dark past, all Jacqueline wants to do is run away forever with Mal. Too bad he’s trapped in the mirror.
But when she learns the ancient forces of the town want to destroy everything she loves, the race is on to free the boy in the mirror, because he just might be the only one who knows how to stop them.

*Thank you so much to RABT  and the author Robert J Duperre for a copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review*


The story is a mixture of a girl at a new school, leaving a past behind, building her future, making friends, a boyfriend in a mirror and the supernatural. Wait….what?…A boyfriend in a mirror?! That’s normal right??


I really liked this story. It tackles an extremely hard and stereotypical subject in foster care right at the start of the book with abuse and rape and it does it well. (second book in the week on this subject). Jacqueline, aka Jackie, lives with the Gelicks, Papa Gelick a pastor and also a bit of a fruit loop to put it frankly. Aunt Mitzy turns up one day out of the blue, sister to Jackie’s mum, and makes her claim in her. It doesn’t go down easy with the Pastor and his wife and well the events that follow, let’s just say I am not sure who to trust! 


Then another storyline running alongside this…someone called the Prophet looking for his life mate, his Gorgon, this does not sound ominous at all! 


As we get further in the book, we see things from other character’s POV which is great. It never gets confusing as it’s clear from the start who is doing the talking. Making everything that bit more intense, we learn information that Jackie doesn’t know yet, making you want to scream at the book so you can warn her.


It was a story that I found easy to read and one I didn’t want to put down. Looking forward to getting my hands on the second book. The author found so many ways to keep you enthralled in his book with all the different stories, suspecting all the characters of different things yet not quite sure what you are suspecting them of!!!! It kept me on my toes, devouring Jackie’s story.  The mystery surrounding Jackie. People know her and about her, things she does not even know…but why? Why is she special? What are the trials? Again why is there a boy in her mirror!!!!


Well, you know what to do if you want to know 🙂 

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About Robert J Duperre

Robert J. Duperre is an author from Connecticut, the land of insurance, tobacco, and unfulfilled dreams. Over his mildly interesting life, Robert has released seven novels that skirt the line between horror, science fiction, and fantasy, as well as edited and contributed to a pair of short story collections. His novel “Soultaker” was released in 2017 by Ragnarok Publications. He also co-wrote "The Breaking World" series with David Dalglish, which was picked up and published by 47North, a subsidiary of Amazon Publishing. And all this was accomplished while living happily ever after with his wife, the artist Jessica Torrant.

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