#BookReview of HIS American Classic by GJ Morgan @GJMorgan6 @matadorbooks #Lovebooksgrouptours

#BookReview of HIS American Classic by GJ Morgan @GJMorgan6 @matadorbooks #Lovebooksgrouptours

26th August 2018 0 By zooloobookblog

#BookReview of HIS American Classic by GJ Morgan @GJMorgan6 @matadorbooks #Lovebooksgrouptours

#BookReview of HIS American Classic by GJ Morgan @GJMorgan6 @matadorbooks #LovebooksgrouptoursHis American Classic by G J Morgan
Published by Troubador Publishing Ltd on 9th May 2018
Genres: Fiction, Romance, Contemporary
Pages: 282
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 Told from dual perspectives that span two books, this moving and emotionally-driven love story will leave readers breathless and reeling in equal measure.
It begins. Lilly Goodridge always wanted to be an actress, but fame is an unwanted side effect she’s desperate to escape - along with the City of Angels and her enigmatic boyfriend. So she takes a tiny film role across the pond in a quiet seaside town where nobody can find her. Except for Tom. Down on his luck, Tom might not be the greatest tour guide of Hollywood Hills, but he loves living in America, even if America doesn't quite love him back. With no choice, he takes on a job he never wanted: in search of an actress he doesn't know, but knows he has to catch.

So this is a debut novel, wow! So you would have heard of the commotion about this one, it is effectively one story but in two books AND it is told from a dual perspective. What is not to like?

Well, nothing because I LOVED it all! Part one of the story is about Tom, his life and how he became to be on the hunt of the actress known to us as L.G. His story is of someone who is struggling to keep his head above water, in a life he is not entirely sure he wanted, then a devasting event happened forcing him to re-evaluate himself and his life. (Cue getting something in my eye when reading his bit, was a bit of dust really!)

Part two told from Lilly’s perspective, she is in hiding and in an abusive relationship. She is not your ‘normal’ actress, she shares everything on social media, with everyone rightly or wrongly. We see the woman behind the makeup and the glitz, a lost girl struggling with the life path in front of her, not one she planned but others have planned for her.

This is not a light fluffy romance book, this is a story of two people finding their way in the world, with flaws and less than perfect lives…so what happens when the two collide. The writing flowed, and we were drawn deep into their lives, and I did not want to let go and put this book down.

I am on the tour for the second book “HER American Classic” and I can not wait to delve back in because, after the ending of this book, it was a cliffhanger and a half,  I have to get caught up and quick! 

*Thank you so much to Kelly at Love Books Group, Troubador Publishing and the author G.J Morgan for a copy of this book in return for my honest and unbiased review*

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About G J Morgan

G J Morgan has been a Chef, a fashion graduate and now works in finance. His unpublished novella
“Miss B Tee” has recently been adapted into a short film. His and Her American Classic are his debut

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