#BookReview – No Reception by Maisie Porter @eyeointment @rararesources @crookedcatbooks

#BookReview – No Reception by Maisie Porter @eyeointment @rararesources @crookedcatbooks

25th June 2018 4 By zooloobookblog

#BookReview - No Reception by Maisie Porter @eyeointment @rararesources @crookedcatbooks

#BookReview – No Reception by Maisie Porter @eyeointment @rararesources @crookedcatbooksNo Reception by Maisie Porter
Published by Crooked Cat Books on 27th June 2018
Genres: Thriller, Fiction, Psychological
Pages: 160
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For hyper-successful wedding photographer and blogger, Zody Lee Swabler, anonymous death threats come with the territory. When warned by email not to continue booking jobs, she responds by accepting the next request that comes in.
When a strangely eager woman approaches her about the emails, she accepts the woman’s invitation to visit her home. So begins Helena Hoath’s elaborate plan to take over the life and profession of the photographer she wishes she could be.
And when Zody unleashes her own revenge scheme, she discovers that the unhinged woman may still have the wit to turn a successful photographer’s own talents against her.
Zody and Helena's lives begin to intertwine in ways that neither could have foreseen…

*Thank you so much to Rachel at Rachel Random Resources, Crooked Cat books and the author Maisie Porter for a ecopy of this book*



Well, this novella certainly packs a punch! This took me on one crazy CRAZY rollercoaster of a reading ride! You think you know the characters but you really do not! Backstabbing and plotting at every turn! It is a blinking debut too (Will be published 27th June 2018), so I can’t wait to read what else Maisie has for us!

Not going to lie I loved the main character’s name, Zody Lee, because it is basically my name (Zoé-Lee), but that is honestly where the similarities stop. Zody is a successful photographer, who has built up her business with hard grafting. She receives negative comments about her work every day and she receives a death threat. I mean seriously what is wrong with people!

Helena, the woman who wants Zody’s life, knows about the emails and confronts Zody to try and ‘help’ her. So it begins!

I honestly do not know who was the bad guy or the good guy in this book, as they were both flawed in their own way. Neither did the sensible thing, and I got a tad bit confused with what was going on near the end of the book. It was fast paced and you didn’t get a chance to breath (obviously I did or I wouldn’t be writing this now!) The book is told from Zody and Helena point of view, and you get to see an insight to their mind and wellbeing.

And don’t get me started on the ending. It just came out of nowhere, one bit of it was a little far-fetched and another bit was just so god damn shocking. I had to re-read it to double check that I had read it right. It has the wow factor that’s for sure! I would never want to get on the wrong side of either of these two women!

Definitely give this novella a try, it is 160 pages of a pure thrilling crazy ride!

Purchase Link – http://mybook.to/noreception


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About Maisie Porter

Maisie Porter works as a professional photographer in Australia, with wide experience covering weddings, though she has neither abducted nor been abducted by any competitors. No Reception is Maisie's first novel.

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