#BookReview – The Almost Wife by Jade Beer @JadeBRIDES  @bookouture

#BookReview – The Almost Wife by Jade Beer @JadeBRIDES @bookouture

20th June 2018 3 By zooloobookblog
#BookReview – The Almost Wife by Jade Beer @JadeBRIDES  @bookoutureThe Almost Wife by Jade Beer
Published by Bookouture on 20th June 2018
Genres: Romance, Fiction
Pages: 318
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Three women, three white dresses, three big days all set… but only two will make it up the aisle, and only one will marry. An unforgettable page-turner about love, family and life’s unexpected second chances.
Jessie has always known she doesn’t belong. Only her fiancé Adam makes her feel good enough, exactly as she is. Jessie wants everything to be perfect for their lavish wedding day, but she’s already cracking under the pressure of pretending to be someone she’s not with her demanding future in-laws.
Dolly works hard to keep up appearances – but what’s the point of only eating salad when her boyfriend Josh is never home to appreciate the result? Dolly is sure he’ll change once they’re married with a family; Josh did say he wanted those things… right?
Emily couldn’t be happier: she’s got funny, loving parents, a loyal fiancé and a job she looks forward to. Everything’s ready for their intimate country wedding… until some shocking news sends her life spiralling out of control.
Perfect strangers on the first page, Jessie, Dolly and Emily’s paths will cross in the most unexpected of ways. And as their stories collide, their lives will take a turn you’ll never predict.
If you love Nancy Thayer, Karen Swan and Mary Alice Monroe, you will adore this gorgeously emotional summer read!

*Thank you so much to Kim at Bookouture and the author Jade Beer for a ecopy of this book*

Happy publication day Jade!♥

I am not going to lie, but I sobbed in this book. Not just a little trickle of tears, I sobbed where it got plain ugly. God, I loved this book! What a debut too!! As it says in the tagline, this book stays with you. I feel like I have made new friends when reading this book, enjoying all the highs and lows and the god-awful. I cried with them, laughed with them, cheered with them and my heart broke with them.
So the four women in the book, let’s meet them.
Jessie, she is the girl brought up on the council estate, she has struggled for money all her life. (I can relate to this!) Then by the 3rd day of her job, she meets Adam and they go on a date. Adam, who quite frankly is loaded, swept off her feet and now she finds herself in a new world where she does not fit in, and her old world where she does not fit in. When we meet her, god she was a cow. But as her story unfolds you see why she has behaved the way she has!
Dolly, the girl with the hot photographer fiancé Josh who spends all day with half-naked gorgeous models and then in the evening a douche to Dolly putting her down and ignoring her (unless he is feeling a bit turned on by being around the models all day). She tries to compete, she literally does every crash diet possible to lose the weight as she doesn’t want to be ‘fat’ walking down the aisle.
Emily, the girl who has the perfect fiancé. The guy she has met at University. The guy who completes her. Some of her story reminded me of my best friend whose just literally married her best friend, so I felt more protective of her character. She is so in love with Mark, they are perfect together.
Finally, Helen, the lady that joins them all together with her wedding shop. Each visiting her to get the perfect dress, each of them sharing their fears and concerns. While Helen is grieving for her husband who passed nearly 4 years ago. I loved Helen, she made me cry, but I loved her. Learning to live again and to give hope to all these women.
Each chapter flits between the different women building up to their special days, interjecting with Helen’s life. I loved the countdown at the beginning of the chapter, and the little links to each other without them realising it.
This is definitely the perfect summer read and the stories flow so well. Jade has done a fantastic job in making you care and making you feel like you have made new friends and family along the way. I really can’t wait to see what else she writes!
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About Jade Beer

I'm Jade. I'm a novelist, mother to two young daughters and the editor of Conde Nast Brides.

I love writing about women and all the challenges we face in our daily lives. I've been lucky enough to work with some incredibly talented women throughout my career as a journalist and editor - ones who juggle the most all-encompassing careers with family and friendships and everything else that life throws at them. They often make it look so easy. But we all know it's not. And that need to present one version of yourself to the world, while keeping the grittier, less polished reality under wraps, is a thread that runs strongly through my debut novel, The Almost Wife.

In my day job as the editor of Conde Nast Brides, I share my working life with editors of some of the glossiest, luxury brands in the world - Vogue, Tatler, Glamour - and I have the enormous priviledge of travelling the world and sitting front row at beautiful fashion shows and working with the world's leading florists, cake makers and stylists. But I also take a daily peek into the lives of young women who are engulfed in one of the most exciting times of their lives - planning their wedding days. This, above everything else, is the really fun bit. Being on the front line if you like. Hearing their thoughts, fears, worries and ambitions for the future. This really powerful cocktail of glamour and reality dances across every page of The Almost Wife and is currently being poured into my second novel which is due out in October this year.

I'm not sure I could have written The Almost Wife without making it personal too, feeding some of my own quiet fears into the mix. I've sat in important meetings, dropping huge clangers that years later still make me cringe. I've got more than my fair share of self-doubt and suffer like many other women from the dreaded imposter syndrome. I worry constantly about my family. How much time I have left with them. Am I doing any of it right? Will I be riddled with regret in later years? Will my daughters be critical of the choices I made? Am I failing the people I love the most?

Although work places me full time in London, my heart is in the countryside where I live with my husband and our two daughters. The Cotswolds is where my husband and I used to spend romantic weekends plotting our future together long before children came along and is now where I watch them both run free, hoping I will keep them close for many years to come.

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