#BookReview – This Could Change Everything by Jill Mansell @jillmansell @annecater #Randonthingsthroughmydoor @annecater @headlinepg @zooloo2008 @JessFarrugiaPR

#BookReview – This Could Change Everything by Jill Mansell @jillmansell @annecater #Randonthingsthroughmydoor @annecater @headlinepg @zooloo2008 @JessFarrugiaPR

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#BookReview - This Could Change Everything by Jill Mansell @jillmansell @annecater #Randonthingsthroughmydoor @annecater @headlinepg @zooloo2008 @JessFarrugiaPR

#BookReview – This Could Change Everything by Jill Mansell @jillmansell @annecater #Randonthingsthroughmydoor @annecater @headlinepg @zooloo2008 @JessFarrugiaPRThis Could Change Everything by Jill Mansell
Published by Headline Review on 25th January 2018
Genres: Chick Lit, Romance
Pages: 432
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Love, friendship and some delightful surprises will keep you turning the pages of this new romance from Jill Mansell, the bestselling author of MEET ME AT BEACHCOMBER BAY and YOU AND ME, ALWAYS. Not to be missed by fans of Katie Fforde, Lucy Diamond and Sophie Kinsella. Fall in love with Jill's books: 'A glorious, heartwarming, romantic read' Woman & Home
Essie has all she ever wanted - a perfect boyfriend, a beautiful cottage outside Bath, a great job and the kind of good, close friends all of us should have. Then Lucas Brook walks into her life and overnight everything changes for the very-much-worse. What Lucas does is unforgivable, and Essie definitely has no plans to see him again. But when their paths cross once more, she can't help noticing how very attractive he is. What a shame he's such a troublemaker.
Sometimes things aren't quite what they seem, as Essie will soon find out...
'Reading Jill is always such a joy!' Veronica Henry

*Thank you so much to Anne Cater at Random Things Tours, Headline books  and the author Jill Mansell for a copy of this book*


I loved this book! I love all the characters, Zillah in partcular, what a scream and with a massive heart of gold!

I love Jill Mansell’s books, I love the way she tells the stories that needed to be told and I love the love and affection she has for her characters. I have to pinch myself that I am on the tour for one of her books! ….And breathe

Essie, living with her infamy is homeless and jobless, sounds like the best thing for her at least she’s not living a lie now. She decided with her best friend Scarlett, to do a round robin email….only thing is it got sent to everyone including her mother in law and boyfriend, some not so nice things were said, this I can relate to this as I have kind of done something similar in the past! Things start to change when she meets Zillah, she gets a job and a place to stay and we meet Connor and Lucas.

Connor, another character I adored, giving up his law firm job after not billing a sick client who wanted to write her will, and we see some focus on his photography, which is amazing (well in my head) and it is a hit with the regulars in the Red house pub and is a monthly event for everyone to meet up.

Zillah has a complete heart of gold, trying to give back where she can and is just damn right fabulous. I love what she does to give back, and it made me have to dab my eyes a bit. We all need to be a bit like Zillah. It does make you think about how to change your ways, and how to take the time to help others even with the smallest of gestures. 

I could gush about this book all day, it has everything for an old-fashioned romantic like me, and I even had a few tears. The theme of second chances and starting anew is something I love!

Please pick this book up and read it. Do it now!! You won’t regret it! 




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About Jill Mansell

Jill Mansell is the author of over twenty Sunday Times
won the RNA's Romantic Comedy Prize, and in 2015 the RNA presented Jill with an
outstanding achievement award.
Jill's personal favourite amongst her novels is THREE AMAZING THINGS ABOUT YOU,
which is about cystic fibrosis and organ donation; to her great delight, many people
have joined the organ donor register as a direct result of reading this novel.
Jill started writing fiction while working in the NHS, after she read a magazine article
that inspired her to join a local creative writing class. Her first book was published in
1991 and she is now a full-time novelist. She is one of the few who still write their
books by hand, like a leftover from the dark ages. She lives in Bristol with her family

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