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#Spotlight – The Things we leave unsaid by Megan Mayfair @MayfairMegan @rararesources @crookedcatbooks

22nd August 2018 6

Happy publication day to Megan! I am really excited to share a bit of the book with you and about the author Megan. So while you are here lets find out a bit about the book on this fine Wednesday morning. Is it the things we don’t say that haunt us the most? Clare is…

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#Spotlight – Beneath the lighthouse by Julieanne Lynch @julieannelynch @partnersincr1me

21st August 2018 1

  Beneath the Lighthouse by Julieanne Lynch on Tour June 25 – August 31, 2018 Synopsis: SOME SECRETS ARE MADE TO BE UNCOVERED. Sixteen-year-old Jamie McGuiness’s sister is dead. Sinking into a deep depression, he frequents the lighthouse where her body was discovered, unaware of the sinister forces surrounding him. When an angry spirit latches…

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#Spotlight – Crimson Siege by Jay Raven @JayRavenAuthor @rararesources

18th August 2018 1

Welcome today on my blog for a spotlight of Crimson Siege by Jay Raven, the first book in the series of Blood Riders. This book is my cup of tea, but like normal time factors left me not able to read this one!  In the Godforsaken badlands of Transylvania, the fragile truce between mankind and…

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#Spotlight – An Oriental Murder by Jane Bastin @JaneJanebastin @rararesources @crookedcatbooks

18th July 2018 0

I was meant to be bringing to you today a book review of An Oriental Murder, but I put the wrong date in my diary so I will be bringing it to you at a later date. Whilst I can not bring you my review today, I do get to shout out about the book instead –…

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#Spotlight – Star Jumpers : The Lion Roars by Zoe Baxter @zoebaxterbooks @rararesources #giveaway

9th July 2018 4

Today is a spotlight day, so I bring to you Star Jumpers: The Lion Roars by Zoe Baxter. It was published 18th February 2018 and available to buy at Amazon here I just love the premise of this book, sounds like this could be a computer game! Let us meet the author first   Now a…

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#BookBlitz – Quinsey Wolfe’s Glass Vault by Candace Robinson @literarydust @rockstarbktours #Releaseweekblitz

26th June 2018 2

I am so excited that QUINSEY WOLFE’S GLASS VAULT by Candace Robinson is available now and that I get to share the news! I mean I just love the book cover, check it out below!!!!! Also, you lucky people have a giveaway and a video trailer! Excited much, I know I am!!!  So let’s kick…

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#BookExcerpt – Oliver Twist and the Mystery of Throate Manor by David Stuart Davies @dstuartdavies @urbanebooks #lovebooksgrouptours

22nd June 2018 1

So I have the pleasure of bringing to you today the excerpt from the book Oliver Twist & The Mystery of Throate Manor by David Stuart Davies and he has even kindly written a few words for us too!  It is a good one!!  First, let us have a look at the cover and the synopsis.…

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#BookBlitz – Boy in the Mirror by Robert Duperre @robertduperre @RABTBookTours

1st June 2018 2

Welcome to the Sale blitz day of the Boy in the Mirror. My review will up, later on, this month for this book – but until then I am allowed to bring to you, a small excerpt from the book. First, check out the cover! Fifteen-year-old Jacqueline Talbot’s boyfriend Mal lives in the mirror of her…

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#BookBlitz – Blizzard by Cambria Hebert @cambriahebert @xpressotours

25th May 2018 2

You may remember that I brought to you in March, book 1 of the Bearpaw resort series. Well today, I have the pleasure of bringing you book 2 – Blizzard. This book will be released June 15th!   ∼Synopsis∼   An arctic blast is coming… Fleeing to the wintry town of Caribou was always meant to be…

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