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#BookReview of HIS American Classic by GJ Morgan @GJMorgan6 @matadorbooks #Lovebooksgrouptours

26th August 2018 0

So this is a debut novel, wow! So you would have heard of the commotion about this one, it is effectively one story but in two books AND it is told from a dual perspective. What is not to like? Well, nothing because I LOVED it all! Part one of the story is about Tom,…

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#BookReview – The Genes of Isis by Justin Newland @matadorbooks @annecater #RandomThingsTours

25th August 2018 6

This is not the sort of book I would normally read…which is exactly why I went for it. I wanted to get out my comfort zone, and once I had peace and quiet in the house and could concentrate I am glad that I did. I am intrigued by the Egyptians as I will devour anything…

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#BookReview – Her Final Hour by Carla Kovach @CKovachAuthor @bookouture #netgalley @nholten40

25th August 2018 5

Now, this was my first introduction to DI Gina Harte I have to say and I was not disappointed at all. I did purchase book 1 The Next Girl so I could read it before my stop today but alas time was not on my side……and I over-committed my reading – doh! However, I am…

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#BookReview of The Wife Before Me by Laura Elliot @Elliot_Laura @bookouture #netgalley

24th August 2018 6

Happy Publication day to Laura!! I loved the way the book splits into the present day, to begin with, Elena meeting the mysterious and elusive Nicholas. A man who has been surrounded by scandal, as his first wife committed suicide by driving into a pier and drowning as she couldn’t swim. Instantly I was on…

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#BookReview – Creature by Hunter Shea @huntershea1 #creature @flametreetweet @annecater

21st August 2018 4

Holy mother of god! I am not sure which part of this book freaked me out the most! Might have been me reading it at night in the dark….not very sensible. Things definitely go bump in the night hasn’t anyone taught you that! Well if they haven’t read this book and you will know! Ok…

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#BookReview – Grist Mill Road by Christopher Yates @CJ_Yates @headlinepg

20th August 2018 4

This book was very dark and shocking. From the opening pages, we are taking to the past, it is the summer of 1982, we are introduced to three children, Patrick (Patch/Tricky), Matthew and Hannah and a damn right awful event that links them all together. Why did it happen? Why didn’t anyone do anything to…

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#BookReview – Bone Deep by Sandra Ireland @22_Ireland @polygonbooks @lovebooksgroup #bonedeep #lovebooksgrouptours

19th August 2018 0

Wow, this book is powerful. A constant reminder that through the ages to own your mistakes. This book has left me breathless and will take a while to sink in, as some elements were unsettling but what a story. We are guided by alternating chapters of Lucie, a girl who has left behind her family…

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#BookReview – Never Say Goodbye by Richard Parker @Bookwalter @bookouture @nholton40 #NetGalley #MurderMapdetectiveTomFabianBook1

17th August 2018 1

Geez, Louise…..hang on let me rephrase that…… GEEZ RICHARD!  I have not had the pleasure of reading any of his books before, but when the opportunity came up for this book I jumped at it on the basis of the blurb. I was not disappointed at all. I seem to be finding the most amazing…

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#BookReview – Entrapped by by Claire Ayres @brizzlelass @jennymarston_xo @neverlandbt

15th August 2018 2

Reading this book and about depression was not an easy feat for someone who suffers from it. I have felt the depths that Jess goes through and so I felt for her straight away and when the so-called love of her life just leaves her because of negative energy well he needed a slap right…

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#BookReview – The Bridesmaid Blues by Tracey Sinclair @Thriftygal @annecater #RandomThingsTours

14th August 2018 6

I want to start off and say I loved Luce! She is so real and down to earth and in her lowest moments just reminded me of…well me! Yes I know I am married, but even being married with a child, when the boy is away on tour, you feel lonely, Saturday nights by yourself…

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