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#BookReview – Strangers on a bridge by Louise Mangos @louisemangos @hqstories @harpercollins #StrangersOnAbridge #NetGalley

13th August 2018 0

This was a debut! Wow! What a way to introduce yourself to the world!  Alice saves a man. She talks him off the bridge, tries to get him help and get back on with her life after doing a good deed. Should be the end of it shouldn’t it…..wrong! First, I want to say it…

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#BookReview – The Affair by Sheryl Browne @SherylBrowne @KimTheBookworm @bookouture #netgalley #TheAffair

12th August 2018 2

I spent about 40% of this crying, and the other 60% I sat with my mouth open catching flies! The Bookouture girls have done it again! I have to say it one (or more) OMG!!! Or OH MY GOD! I am still reeling from this book! Wow, this book! It was intense on so many…

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#BookReview – Night Driver by Marcelle Perks @MarcellePerks @UrbaneBooks #NightDriver #LoveBooksGroupTours

12th August 2018 1

Wow, what did I just read? I am not sure how to classify this book, it was one thrill-seeking intense crazy crazy, did I say crazy?! ride.Putting it plainly in my terms, this book was blinking mental! I want to start with the cute end of chapters pictures and bottom of the page pictures. I…

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#BookReview – Here comes the best man by Angela Britnell @AngelaBritnell @choclituk #netgalley #HereComesTheBestMan

6th August 2018 3

This book was quite a cute little read and you can totally lose yourself in it. It is apparently the fifth book in a series but none of the books are linked (although there is a prequel to this one which I might go and just pick up). I picked this up because of the…

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#BookReview and #AppReview – Playing with Death by Simon Scarrow @SimonScarrow and Lee Francis @_leefrancis @annecater @JessFarrugiaPR @headlinepg

3rd August 2018 5

You are in for a treat with this post…not one review but two! When the email came round this book, two reasons I picked up this book, Simon Scarrow and the opportunity for one lucky blogger to review the app. Guess what that I am that lucky blogger. *Happy dance over here* I will start by reviewing…

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#BookReview – The Cheesemaker’s house by Jane Cable @JaneCable @rararesources

3rd August 2018 2

I am going to admit something to you now. I only started this book last night at about 10pm, as I fell asleep in the early evening and then panicked as I realised my review was due today! Mass panic, so once I calmed down and opened the book, then next thing I knew was…

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#BookReview – The Little Cornish Kitchen by Jane Linfoot @janelinfoot @rararesources @HarperImpulse

2nd August 2018 3

Well, was this not just the cutest, although my only gripe….it made me so hungry! I have even gone hunting for macaroons, I mean opening the book and just reading about them…torture…..still salivating now…….anyway moving swiftly on! This book is cute! The author has created a group of friends, the mermaids (and seriously I want…

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#BookReview – Hunter’s chase by Val Penny @valeriepenny @rararesources @crookedcatbooks

2nd August 2018 2

I think I might be in love with a new detective and book series! I loved that it was set in Scotland, only having been there the once, and reading about it so much in a few books recently, it makes me really want to go back and visit properly. I just want more of…

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#BookReview – Do No Harm by LV Hay @LucyVHayAuthor @OrendaBooks @annecater #DoNoHarm #RandomThingsTours #TeamOrenda

30th July 2018 2

So I still have book hangover on this book, I am still on edge because of this book and I am not sure how much of this will make sense because the author has short-circuited my brain WITH THIS BOOK! Wow!… I need a moment bear with me… Ok, let’s try and start! So, Lilly,…

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