#CoverReveal – Friendship never Ends by Ella Dyson @Tr4cyF3nt0n

#CoverReveal – Friendship never Ends by Ella Dyson @Tr4cyF3nt0n

15th July 2018 0 By zooloobookblog

OMG! I mean like seriously! I am frigging excited to revert back to the 90’s with this cover reveal today, and I am on the blog tour for this – so double whoop whoop!

This book takes us back to the 90s, before the #hastags, Instagrams, Facebook to a time of love for the Tamagotchi, the World Cup, a royal divorce and the Spice Girls!!! Me and my friends loved the Spice Girls, and like most girls we all ‘became’ one, I had to be Sporty Spice! I wanted to be Geri – she was from Watford like me! That, however, was where the similarities end lol 

Now read the blurb, and see what memories it brings back for you



1996. The year the Tamagotchi was born, Charles and Diana divorced, England reached the semi-finals of the World Cup and five British women told the world what they really, really wanted.

Sarah, Laura, Gemma, Benny and Carmen have been best friends all their lives. They have survived high school, finding salvation in their friendship and through the guidance of their ringleader Carmen. However, the year they turn 13 is the year everything changes. In order to find love Carmen enters the group into the school talent show, thrusting her reluctant friends into the limelight. Forming a Spice Girls tribute act called The Spice Rack, Carmen assigns each of her friends a role in the band. The gig is a disaster, and the group never speak again.

2018. The year the Tamigotchi is reborn on iOS, Harry and Meghan get married, England crash out of the World Cup and five women put aside their differences and reunited for a Goodbye tour.

Carmen tracks down Sarah, Laura, Gemma and Benny on Facebook and in an attempt to rekindle their friendship invites them to a school reunion to perform as The Spice Rack. The easy friendship they once shared returns, and whilst the costumes are a little less forgiving they comfortably settle back into the roles of their childhood. But on the morning of the reunion disaster strikes. Will they be able to put aside their differences? Or will things never be the same again?


Okay, so you ready to see the cover for this fab fun book? Zigga zigga ah??






Available to buy 6th September!!