July Update and other news

1st August 2018 1 By zooloobookblog

It seems like it was only the other day I did a weekly update….oh wait it was! lol

So July, where did you go? What did I do more importantly?!

So Alicia had 3 afternoons where she went for tasters at her new Primary school…now i am worried, I am not ready for this! She absolutely loved it and all I keep getting asked now is when am I going to school.

The hat she made at school

So in the glorious sunny Dover, we went to the circus as a treat one Sunday night, this being Alicia’s first time and she absolutely loved it. So I think off we go again next week…..not that I am complaining because who does not love a good circus act! 


We have had friends down, where we watched people compete in a sandcastle competition, the size of these things were mental. People had crafted Spitfire planes, a huge octopus, a castle with a drawbridge to name a few. 

We came home a few times, and had a lovely picnic with friends. Spent lots of time down the beach.

The end of July, for me, however is always a hard time. I lost my dad 9 years ago. Every day you can cope and get on, but I have never nor will I ever get over it. I miss him everyday and I would like to think he is proud of me. 

Anyway, so my month in books then. So I had a target of 25…. but I failed, by 1! I had listed 2 books but could not able to read it but read a book not on my list, and I finished a book last night but haven’t written the review just yet. Click on the picture and it will take you to my review, I have had the opportunity to read some fantastic books this month! 

5 stars



4-4.5 stars

  Snowflake Summer at The Little Duck Pond Cafe       



3-3.5 stars