June Update and other news

4th July 2018 3 By zooloobookblog

Where has June gone! I honestly feel like I was writing about May finishing the month on a high with my best friends wedding!! So June, June, where the hell did you go and what did I do?! Let me just look at my calendar…..

So there was reading….a lot of bloody reading!!

I went to my friends for a nice BBQ in the sunshine just as the world cup was gearing up. There was a lot of nothing at the weekends – this was much needed due to the manic May we had!

Obviously, the world cup started! I help get it started at work, I pulled out Russia – so of course, everyone thinks now I have fixed it! Mainly because I am the one holding the money!

Not all my beers that is for sure

We had my mother’s birthday, I am trying to get her upgraded to an iPhone! This is being a particularly hard task at the moment but I will pin her down to get a new phone! Then there was Foo Fighters…lovely Foo Fighters! Fab gig, if I could remember it! I think I may have not realised my limit on the alcohol front and there is a hazy bit! I remember a LOT of singing and jumping so I know I had a good time and I was in good company!

Alicia on her Great Grandad ‘scooter’

Ended the month with a family BBQ at my Grandad’s which was nice to have everyone together. For some reason I can not explain, my Grandad taking Alicia out on his golf buggy was the funniest thing we had seen for a long time, especially when all you could hear was Jean (his wife) shouting – “John! John slow down!” and then Alicia shouting “Go faster go faster”







So on to my reading for June, there were just so many amazing blog tours I really couldn’t say no months ago! A couple of personal choices were read though!!! Click on the book to take you to my review if you have not already read it. (I did format this post so the pictures are all the same size but for some reason that has not happened!!!)

July will be up in a couple of days (late I know!!)


Books read in June = *drum roll please* 20 books!!!

5 stars

#BookReview – The Disappearance of Timothy Dawson by Nathan Parker @parker_book #BookReview – Th1rt3en by Steve Cavanagh @SSCav @orioncime #thatbookthathook @Tr4cyF3nt0n #BookReview – The Hard Way by Lee Child #BookReview – Love Me only by Susan James Pierce @sjpierce_author & Justice K Chambers @JusticeKChambe1 @xpressotours #BookReview – Tubing by K.A McKeagney @kamckeagney @RedDoorBooks #tubing #BookReview – Dating Rules by Keeley Holmes @keeley_Holmes86 @RoxanneRhoads #BewitchingBooktours  #BookReview – Love me, Love me not by S.M Roz @SM_KOZ @xpressotours #BookReview and Publication Day! – The Invitation by Keris Stainton @keris @bookouture #BookReview – Rip Current by Amanda James @akjames61 @Bloodhoundbook


4-4.5 stars

#BookReview – Wings of Flesh and Bones by Cathrina Constantine @cathconstantine @xpressotours #BookReview – One Shot by Lee Child @LeeChildReacher #BookReview – In the Land of Milk and Honey by Nell ES Douglas @nellesdouglas @xpressotours #BookReview – The Hanging Women by John Mead @johnmeadauthor @rararesources #BookReview – Memory Walker by Carly Marino @carly_marino @YABOUNDTOURSPR #BookReview – No Reception by Maisie Porter @eyeointment @rararesources @crookedcatbooks #BookReview – Boy in the Mirror by Robert Duperre @robertduperre @RABTBookTours #BookReview – What Kitty Did next by Carrie Kablean @CarrieKablean @Lovebooksgroup #Lovebookgroup @reddoorbooks

 3-3.5 stars

#BookReview – Night Home by Rose Titus @sagesblogtours #BookReview – One Summer Weekend by Juliet Archer @julietarcher @rararesources @RubyFiction