Reading Challenges 2018

I have set myself a little target this year of 25 books to be read for 2018. Last year a target of 17 and I beat it by reading 21! So harder target for me but as it took me 4 months to finish a book (was beginning to just drag for tooooooo long!) I thought I should be able to smash this one! See below the books I have read so far this year

So I have set a couple of challenges (halfway through the year I know!)

*Update on my reading target for the year…smashed it lol*


2018 Net Galley Challenge: This one I set because I have been getting carried away with requesting books on Net Galley and I really want to get my 80% badge (got a long way to go!) so but I am going to try and knock some off! 
2018 New Releases Challenge: Exactly what it says on the tin. Books that have been released in 2018
2018 Reading Challenge: Well this is the challenge I set myself before I started blogging……may have to change it now
Actual (Yes actual) books: Again what it says. A real live book please! 
Audiobook challenge: Because I don’t just read, I do love listening to book. I am aiming for one a month. 
Debut Authors: So this is a book I have read and it’s the debut for an author….maybe I need to rename this?! 
Series Challenge: This is where I am either starting a book in the series or a book in a series I am reading. Anything to do with a series lol