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#BookReview – Never Say Goodbye by Richard Parker @Bookwalter @bookouture @nholton40 #NetGalley #MurderMapdetectiveTomFabianBook1

17th August 2018 1

Geez, Louise…..hang on let me rephrase that…… GEEZ RICHARD!  I have not had the pleasure of reading any of his books before, but when the opportunity came up for this book I jumped at it on the basis of the blurb. I was not disappointed at all. I seem to be finding the most amazing…

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#BookReview – The Cheesemaker’s house by Jane Cable @JaneCable @rararesources

3rd August 2018 2

I am going to admit something to you now. I only started this book last night at about 10pm, as I fell asleep in the early evening and then panicked as I realised my review was due today! Mass panic, so once I calmed down and opened the book, then next thing I knew was…

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#BookReview – Hunter’s chase by Val Penny @valeriepenny @rararesources @crookedcatbooks

2nd August 2018 2

I think I might be in love with a new detective and book series! I loved that it was set in Scotland, only having been there the once, and reading about it so much in a few books recently, it makes me really want to go back and visit properly. I just want more of…

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#BookReview – The Secret by K.L Slater @KimLSlater @bookouture #TheSecret #NetGalley @zooloo2008

29th July 2018 7

Well, this book made my head spin, not in an exorcist way so don’t worry! How many secrets can one book hold, in the case of The Secret many!! Just when you thought you had discovered “The Secret” about 5 more turned up! So we are guided through the story through Alice and her older…

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#BookReview – Her Mother’s grave by Lisa Regan @Lisalregan @bookouture @nholten40 #HerMother’sGrave(detectiveJosieQuinnBook3) #netgalley

24th July 2018 4

*Thank you so much to Noelle at Bookouture and the author Lisa Regan for a copy of this book* Well, Noelle has got me hooked on another corker! Wow! I have to berate myself too, why have I not read anything by Lisa before! Seriously where have I been living!! This is going to be…

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#Spotlight – An Oriental Murder by Jane Bastin @JaneJanebastin @rararesources @crookedcatbooks

18th July 2018 0

I was meant to be bringing to you today a book review of An Oriental Murder, but I put the wrong date in my diary so I will be bringing it to you at a later date. Whilst I can not bring you my review today, I do get to shout out about the book instead –…

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#BookReview – Zero by Marc Elsberg @Marc_Elsberg @thomassshill @transworldbooks @penguinrhuk

12th July 2018 5

*Thank you so much to Thomas Hill, Transworld books, Penguin Uk and the author Marc Elsberg for a copy of this book*   I do not want to write this review, I mean I really do not want to write this review….anyone could be watching me!!!! This book has made me rethink a lot of…

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#BookReview – HellCorp by Jonathan Whitelaw @JDWhitelaw13 @Urbanebooks #LoveBooksGroupTours #HellCorp

11th July 2018 2

*Thank you so much to Kelly at Love Books Group, Urbane Publication and the author Jonathan Whitelaw for a copy of this book*   From the opening scenes of this book with the Pope farting in his private room in the Vatican you knew you would be on to a winner! Set in Scotland, The Devil…

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#Bookreview – The Red Hand of Fury by R.N Morris @rnmorris @rararesources #giveaway

1st July 2018 2

*Thank you so much to Rachel at Rachel Random resources,  and the author  R.N Morris for a copy of this book for my honest and unbiased view* At the bottom of my review, there is a treat….a giveaway so check it out ?   Wow, I just want to talk about the beginning of the book!…

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#Excerpt – First to Die by Alex Caan @alexcaanwriter @imosebba @BonnierZaffre

19th June 2018 0

Welcome today! It’s my stop on the blog tour and I have the pleasure of bringing to you an excerpt from Alex Caan’s exciting second novel in the Riley and Harris series – First to Die. First, let’s have a look at the cover…cast your eyes below…       The cold air was brushing…

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