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#BookReview – Never Say Goodbye by Richard Parker @Bookwalter @bookouture @nholton40 #NetGalley #MurderMapdetectiveTomFabianBook1

17th August 2018 1

Geez, Louise…..hang on let me rephrase that…… GEEZ RICHARD!  I have not had the pleasure of reading any of his books before, but when the opportunity came up for this book I jumped at it on the basis of the blurb. I was not disappointed at all. I seem to be finding the most amazing…

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#BookReview – The Affair by Sheryl Browne @SherylBrowne @KimTheBookworm @bookouture #netgalley #TheAffair

12th August 2018 2

I spent about 40% of this crying, and the other 60% I sat with my mouth open catching flies! The Bookouture girls have done it again! I have to say it one (or more) OMG!!! Or OH MY GOD! I am still reeling from this book! Wow, this book! It was intense on so many…

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#BookReview – The Secret by K.L Slater @KimLSlater @bookouture #TheSecret #NetGalley @zooloo2008

29th July 2018 7

Well, this book made my head spin, not in an exorcist way so don’t worry! How many secrets can one book hold, in the case of The Secret many!! Just when you thought you had discovered “The Secret” about 5 more turned up! So we are guided through the story through Alice and her older…

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#BookReview – The Last Witness by Chris Merritt @DrCJMerritt @bookouture @nholten40 @zooloo2008 #LastWitness #NetGalley

27th July 2018 0

*Thank you so much to Noelle at Bookouture and the author Chris Merritt for a copy of this book* Well, it is official, I think I have found a new detective that I might just love a little bit. Detective Zac Boateng is up there with Bosch, Cross to name some of the greats. One…

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#BookReview – Her Mother’s grave by Lisa Regan @Lisalregan @bookouture @nholten40 #HerMother’sGrave(detectiveJosieQuinnBook3) #netgalley

24th July 2018 4

*Thank you so much to Noelle at Bookouture and the author Lisa Regan for a copy of this book* Well, Noelle has got me hooked on another corker! Wow! I have to berate myself too, why have I not read anything by Lisa before! Seriously where have I been living!! This is going to be…

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#BookReview – One day like this by Laura Briggs @PaperDollWrites @bookouture

17th July 2018 6

*Thank you so much to Noelle at Bookouture and the author Laura Briggs for a copy of this book* Happy publication day to Laura ♥♥ I am over the moon to be able to share my review with you today on publication day!! This was a little gem of a read. Who does not want to…

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#BookReview – The day I lost you by Alex Sinclair @asinclairauthor @bookouture

15th July 2018 6

*Thank you so much to Noelle at Bookouture and the author Alex Sinclair for a copy of this book in return for my honest and unbiased review*   Buy it here!! Seriously you need to buy this book! I devoured this book in one sitting as we were stuck in traffic so two and a half hours…

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#BookReview and Publication Day! – The Invitation by Keris Stainton @keris @bookouture

25th June 2018 2

*Thank you so much to Noelle at Bookouture and the author Keris Stainton for a ecopy of this book*   Happy Publication Day to Keris Stainton ♥ I loved this book. I loved the fact it was a story of a normal girl Piper, blogging about being a “fat” beautiful girl and how to love yourself.…

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#BookReview – What Holly’s husband did by Debbie Viggiano @DebbieViggiano @bookouture

31st May 2018 4

  Wow wow wow. I literally devoured this book in two hours on my journey up to Edinburgh. I had to neglect my child while I was reading this – it’s ok she had her colouring books and Barbie’s! Although I did have to keep stopping to update my husband while he drove – not…

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