#Top10 Disney Films by David A Willson @dav_willson @xpressotours

#Top10 Disney Films by David A Willson @dav_willson @xpressotours

5th June 2018 7 By zooloobookblog

#Top10 Disney Films by David A Willson @dav_willson @xpressotours

So when I was asked to take part in the tour, I was told that I would be asking the author David to list a top 10. This could be absolutely anything, I must admit I struggled, I didn’t know what to ask. I did not want to ask the typical one, top 10 favourite authors, top 10 books. So fresh back from going to Disneyland Paris for the bestie’s hen party, a couple of my friends suggested asking him for his top 10 Disney films. I must admit when I pressed the send button, I had a giggle to myself and a little cringe! But he only went and did it! Love this !!

Before I share his choice, just recap on his book…


Fifteen-year-old Nara Dall has never liked secrets. Yet it seems that her life has been filled with them, from the ugly scar on her back to the strange powers she possesses. Her mysterious father refuses to say anything about her origins, and soon, she and her best friend must attend the announcement ceremony, in which youths are tested for a magical gift.

A gifted youth has not been announced in the poor village of Dimmitt for decades. When Nara uncovers the reason, she uses her own powers to make things right. The decision sets her on a path of danger, discovery, and a search for the divine. In the process, she learns the truth about herself and uncovers the biggest secret of all: the power of broken people

Published 23rd March 2018


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So without further ado, here is David A. Willson’s Top 10 Disney films, these are in no particular order… and there are some classics in here!!

∼Top 10 Disney Films∼


Robin Williams did such an amazing job with the genie that it must get top credit.  Williams apparently recorded long stretches of extemporaneous dialogue from which the animators developed graphics. I’ve never even heard of that happening in a movie, but then I’ve never watched anyone like Williams. Genius.

Toy Story

This movie was a paradigm shift in animation and had a brilliant plot, fantastic cast, and toys. Toys! Loved it.

Beauty and the Beast

This wasn’t my favorite movie, but one of my favorite people loved it dearly, so it makes my top ten. One of my fondest memories as a parent was a certain little girl saying, “Bee Beast” in regard to what movie she wanted to watch. Again. For the thousandth time. She even took the VHS version with her to bed, cradling it like a well-loved stuffed animal. Thank you, Disney, for making her so happy.


Brilliant for its time. A work of art and beautiful. A must see.

Lion King

Zazu stole the show for me. “There’s one in every family,” he said. “Two in mine, actually.” Great character. And of course the soundtrack. Amazing soundtrack, mostly because of Elton John. Love Elton John.


Not only was this a great script, but it starred Robin Williams. Disney + Robin Williams is always a win.


Twitterpated. Great word. ’Nuff said.

Rogue One

Oh, how I needed this movie. It filled the biggest plot hole in the Star Wars universe, and was expertly done. It’s sad that Lucas had to be saved by Disney on this, but so it is, and Disney gets credit. Good job, folks.


Judy Hopps was inspirational. She’s actually the mascot at my office. Great character, and a great film.

Finding Nemo

Just keep swimming! Maybe he only speaks whale. Mine. Mine. Mine. Ha! Great dialogue. 


Well, this list has got me and my friends talking, what are your top 10 Disney films?



About David A Willson

David A. Willson has worked as a restauranteur, peace officer, and now, author. Taught by his mother to read at a young age, he spent his childhood exploring magic, spaceships, and other dimensions. In his writing, he strives to bring those worlds to his readers.
Much of his material is inspired by the “Great Land” of Alaska, which he has called home for over 30 years. He lives there with his wife, five children, and 2 dogs. He is passionate about technology, faith, and fiction—not necessarily in that order.

Looking for Dei is Willson’s debut novel, set in a land where many more adventures will take place. Stay up to date with his ongoing efforts through the Looking for Dei Facebook page or visiting the website at davidawillson.com


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