Weekly Wrap w/e 12th August – What Have I been doing?!

Weekly Wrap w/e 12th August – What Have I been doing?!

12th August 2018 4 By zooloobookblog

So, this week I have been gearing up for my busy week off from work! So all very boring at work as usual, few hiccups nothing major. Then Friday, I was really excited, I was off to Lords with the mother to enjoy a day of cricket, relaxing in the sun, have a beer and a nod to my Dad as it would have been his 68th birthday had he been with me still…….well that was not to be

Rubbish picture but in our seats phew! 

We were stuck on a train for an hour, mother huffing and puffing as if she was the only one in the world to be fed up on the train. Tempers may have or may not have flared when I ever so politely told her to ssh a few times. Plus she was interrupting my reading time!!!!! We arrived at Lords, and got in our seats ready to go! 2wickets fantastic and we had only seen half hour of play

… then disaster hit……

Rain rain go away…seriously just go!!!

So exhibit A! It blinking rained! And it was not a little bit of rain, it was a downpour, it was thunder and lighting, and we had seats with no cover! Even the stewards were shepherding everyone away to get cover! But wait, 1:30ish (I think, brain fuddled had beer by then!) we saw some more play…then big hugemungous drops of rain fell, and the players ran like little girls who were getting their hair wet and that was that! So we had another beer before heading home. See Exhibit B

Rain couldn’t stop us enjoying our beers

Yesterday I went for lunch with the bestie, and last night Shane came up to my mums with the munchkin. Stayed in and watched a film and then Alicia had her skiing lesson this morning. This week is going to be a hectic one, I have posts to do but hard to do away from the wi-fi so all being well it should be fine! 

Trying to get a decent system of logging my book reviews and not over-committing myself! So any ideas from people would be great! I may just design a spreadsheet but it’s hard! 

Also, quite exciting I became an ambassdor for Elle Croft, I am really excited about this! 

So my reviews this week have been…..

Guess what….. signed up for more tours again! Whoops (I need to stop!)

Malignant by Anita Waller – Bloodhound Books

Lies between us by Ronnie Turner – HQ Digital (VERY excited about this one!)

Trap by Lilja Sigurdardottir – Random things through my door/Orenda books

He will find you by Diane Jeffrey – Harper Collins

The Classroom by A.L Bird – Harper Collins

I invited her in by Adela Parks – Harper Collins

And no birds shall sing by E.A Clarke – Rachel random resources/Crooked Cat books

The Senator’s Assignment by Joan E Histon – Random things through my door

Tell me no lies by Alex Sinclair – Bookouture

I will survive by Pippa James – Bookouture

Our Little Lies by Sue Watson – Bookouture

Before she falls by Dylan Young – Bookouture

And finally here is what I got approved on NetGalley….addiction…out of control…. (Don’t worry some of these are actually for book tours phew!).

So I have a busy week off work with the little lady but also with reading and my posts

Monday ∼Blog tour ∼ Book Review ∼ Strangers on a bridge by Louise Mangos

Tuesday ∼Blog tour ∼ Book Review ∼ The Bridesmaid Blues by Tracey Sinclair

Wednesday ∼Blog tour ∼ Book Review ∼ Entrapped by by Claire Ayres

Thursday ∼Book Review ∼ Enter the dark by Chris Thomas

Friday ∼ Blog Tour ∼ Book Review ∼ Never Say Goodbye by Richard Parker 

Saturday ∼ Spotlight ∼ Crimson Siege

Sunday ∼ Blog Tour ∼ Book Review ∼ Bone Deep by Sandra Ireland

Until next week, hope you have a fab week!!

Love Zoé xx