Weekly Wrap w/e 19th August – What Have I been doing?!

Weekly Wrap w/e 19th August – What Have I been doing?!

19th August 2018 7 By zooloobookblog

Well, I had a week off work this week. I was meant to have a busy week but we took Alicia and her cousin to Chessington and stayed over and did glamping…well that wiped me out for the week! We set off early Tuesday morning from Watford (drove up from Dover the night before!) and had a nice relaxing breakfast before driving up. 

Smiles on our journey! 

We really did have a fab time, few strops as both were too small to go on some of the rides, but both agreed that they loved the Gruffalo ride the most! 

We were meant to be doing loads of things this week, but the boy’s car had gone to car heaven so Thursday we had to pick up his new one and we didn’t get back home until late on Thursday. Friday we spent recovering from the week, safe to say I could not cope with two children – hats off to everyone who has more than one! Now a day of housework as I am off back to work tomorrow – boo!! 

We did enjoy a cinema trip yesterday to see The a The incredibles 2 (I wanted to see Christopher Robin) and I just say I was pleasantly surprised! It was really funny! I do find myself trying to figure out who the bad guys are now in everything! Must be the books I read having an affect on me! lol 

So, my posts for the week…..

So, tours I have signed up for this week (it’s been a quiet one for me!)

  • The Fourth Victim by John Mead (Rachel Random resources)
  • Untitled Zara Stoneley by Zara Stoneley (Rachel Random resources)
  • The Other Sister by Elle Croft (Orion Publishing)

And books that I have been approved on Netgalley, one it is not that many and two they are mainly book tours this time

So back at work tomorrow! But here is what is coming up on the blog this week

Monday ∼Blog tour ∼ Book Review ∼ Grist Mill Road by Christopher J. Yates

Tuesday ∼Blog tour ∼ Spotlight ∼ Beneath the Lighthouse by Julieanne Lynch

                  ∼Blog tour ∼ Book Review ∼ Creature by Hunter Shea

Wednesday ∼Blog tour ∼ Book Review ∼ Edge of Sanity by Chris Thomas

                       ∼Blog tour ∼ Book Review ∼ A Single Journey by Frankie McGowan

                      ∼Blog tour ∼ Book Review ∼ The Things we leave unsaid by Megan Mayfair

Thursday ∼Blog tour ∼ Extract ∼ The Glass Diplomat by S.R Wilsher

Friday  ∼ Book Review ∼ Little Pink Taxi by Marie Laval

               ∼ Blog Tour ∼ Book Review ∼ The Wife before me by Laura Elliot

Saturday∼Blog tour ∼ Book Review ∼ Her Final Hour by Carla Kovach

                  ∼Blog tour ∼ Book Review ∼ The Genese of Isis by Justin Newland

Sunday ∼ Blog Tour ∼ Book Review ∼ His American Classic by G.J Morgan

Until next week, hope you have a fab week!!

Love Zoé xx