Weekly Wrap w/e 29th July – What Have I been doing?!

Weekly Wrap w/e 29th July – What Have I been doing?!

29th July 2018 8 By zooloobookblog

Weekly Wrap w/e 29th July - What Have I been doing?!

So I have seen a few blogs do this, and I read Eva’s at Novel Delights weekly wrap found here and Cathy from What Cathy read next found here and decided to try it out myself! So bear with me while I find my own feet and own ways! I loved their blogs so head over and check them out!

So my week then! I have been topping up my tan down at the seafront on my lunch breaks like most days with a good book in hand! So for those who may or may not know, my little girl starts primary school in September! (Can’t believe she is growing up so quickly!) Some of her school uniform had turned up and she tried it on, all excited…well it only fell off her, it is too big! Buying 4-5 year clothes for a 4 year obviously was not sensible for the little one – back to shops for us lol 

I have had such a fab week chatting to other bloggers on Twitter and Facebook, and after 6 months of blogging I am starting to feel a bit more part of the community it has been a really nice feeling and I still get completely star struck when authors contact me on Twitter to say thanks! I mean every one of the authors whose book is below has chatted to me in some capacity, and there has been a lot of squealing much to the OH displeasure when my phone vibrates. I started blogging so I could try and convey my thoughts in some comprehensible sense because if I loved a book, then why would I not want to shout about it, still new to the blogging world, I still make rooky mistakes but I am learning and I love it. Also, to receive emails from authors who thought I might be interested in their books has also been amazing, that they thought to reach out to me – so a lot of #fangirling moments!  So thank you for everyone who has completely made my week by chatting to me and sharing my posts, not just authors but other bloggers and publishers! You have all made my smile throughtout the week and made me realise how lucky I am to be inlcuded in this little family! (Sappy moment over lol)

I have also had to create a list of certain ladies that I can not say no to when they email about blog tours….their books always make me shout out “WHAT THE HELL”, “OMFG” and give me a lot of jaw-dropping moments when I read them, they know who they are too!! This list is constantly growing too! lol 

So my week of reading! So with the heat..and then the rain, and the child, and the cat crying at silly o’clock I have been able to march on with the reading. 

So what have I read this week then! 


A nice round 8 books! So no pressure! (If you click on the pictures it will take you to my reviews – how nice am I!)

So I was going to start saying no to blog tours and calm it all down a bit, and do some other reading I need to catch up on and get some ideas that are floating in my head…..but I didn’t say no (I do not know this word lol)….and I signed up for some more! 

So this week I have signed up for the following tours

The Tainted Vintage by Clare Blanchard (Damp Pebbles)

Without Rules by Andrew Field  (Damp Pebbles)

In The Deep by Claire Kittridge (Random Things through my door)

Grist Mill Road by Christopher J Yates (Headline)

These are the books I have agreed to read 


Redeeming the Darkness (Redemption Series, book 2)  The Mentalist Series Box Set (The Mentalist Series, #0.5-3)The Promise I am Ed Supernatural Slayer (Supernatural Slayer #1) Sleep, Merel, Sleep Ancient Souls: (Historical Fantasy Romance Series-Book 1) Trying New Hats 

And finally……because I don’t have enough to read, I have an addiction to Net Galley, way too many books coming out! I got approved to read the following… (Only 1 is for a blog tour oops!!) Let us be honest, look at the covers.. how could you say no to these beauties! 


Books I have received this, 2 were a giveaway that I won – even got a unicorn rubber ring!! 

So finally from me! What is coming up this week on Zooloo Book Blog, well as you asked here you go!

Monday ∼ Blog Tour ∼ Book Review ∼ Do No Harm by L.V Hay

Tuesday ∼ Blog Tour ∼ Book Review ∼ Madam Love, Actually by Rich Amooi

Wednesday ∼ Wow no posts from me! So will catch up with reading/twitter/other blogger reviews whoop

Thursday ∼ Blog Tour ∼ Book Review ∼ Hunter’s Chase by Val Penny 

                  ∼ Blog Tour ∼ Book Review ∼ The Little Cornish Kitchen by Jane Linfoot

Friday ∼ Blog Tour ∼ Book Review ∼ The Cheesemaker’s House by Jane Cable

             ∼ Blog Tour ∼ Book Review and App Review ∼ Playing with Death by Lee Francis and Simon Scarrow


Well, I hope I have not scared you off with all my waffle! Hopefully, see you next week for a less extensive weekly update! lol 


Zoé xx