Well hello there and welcome

Well hello there and welcome

3rd February 2018 0 By zooloobookblog

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So in the new year I was raving about a little book you might have heard of called The woman in cabin 10 by Ruth Ware on twitter, when the next thing I knew THE Ruth Ware liked my tweet!! She even responded to my tweet! Well that made my day but then in the same tweet… I had also mentioned another book I was planning on starting… a current read of my The woman in the window by AJ Finn, who then also liked my tweet! For little ole me, this made my day! (Excuse me while I just fangirl for a minute)……..And I am back, I screenshot the tweet and sent it to my two best friends who then planted a little seed in my head…why not start a blog…. my initial reaction was to laugh, I mean I couldn’t imagine who want to read it (well they said they would!), so I sat and thought about it and read some and thought some more. That evening ( 5 days ago now) I decided to upload my first post on to Instagram regarding books and set up my own book blog on there too. I tagged the author in the post and did all the hash tags I could think, being a newbie who knows what the right ones were, but when I had a few likes from some authors I got a little bit giddy, including AJ Finn. So throughout the week I have been looking at other blogs and trying to set mine up, and well here we are! 

This is just a place for me to come and try to write some cohesive book reviews as honest as I can, I will probably try to be witty and fail but you can’t blame a girl for trying! Thanks for reading and coming on this journey with me.

Much love

Zoé x