The ZooLoo Book Blog is a website solely dedicated to beauty – the styles, products and fashion we use, love, adore, sometimes abhor, complete with the stories and people behind them. We like to think that the subject of beauty is a fascinating, complex and never ending tale, and just like you we can’t get enough of the latest launches, cult products or celebrity must-haves; the difference is we can’t help but document our adventures along the way and hope you’ll join us in discoveries both old and new.

The ZooLoo Book Blog was created to fill a gap in the beauty blogosphere: it fuses the wholesome ethos of wellness blogs and natural & organic beauty sites with the sophistication, style and trend-based focus of conventional beauty websites and magazines. The blog features products ranging from health food shops to luxury cosmetics and skincare, and includes news, reviews, how-tos and trend spotting.

For all enquires please reach out to admin@zooloobookblog.co.uk